Bonding is a favorable option to fix minor problems for patients such as chipped or cracked teeth, close spaces between teeth or even brighten the appearance of discoloured teeth. Bonding with composite material can create a beautiful result. Bonding can fix a small defect or create a beautiful smile affordably and without lengthy appointment times. Dr. Corlazzoli evaluates each patients needs and will discuss your options if you are a candidate for bonding


Are you happy with the appearance of your teeth? Are they chipped, crooked or discoloured? Are you displeased with the shape or size? If so, porcelain veneers may be a simple, easy and excellent solution. Porcelain veneers are a thin ceramic material that covers your tooth like a shell. A porcelain veneer is custom-shaped, and shade matched and then bonded to your existing tooth or teeth. Veneers look and feel like your real teeth and will give you a beautiful smile that will last for years to come.


CROWNS | If your tooth is damaged or needs to be restored to optimum shape strength and integrity, a porcelain crown may be the solution. Porcelain is a superior material that does not compromise strength or function and creates a beautiful shape and contour of a natural tooth. A porcelain crown can enhance and compliment your smile. 

BRIDGSE |Bridges are placed when one or two teeth are missing and that area is surrounded by healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth. Bridges look similar to crowns, in that they cover the entire surface of the tooth however bridge teeth are permanently joined one to another . The supporting bridge teeth are cemented onto the prepared supporting teeth, with the middle one or two teeth in the bridge serving as a pontic or replacement for the missing teeth. Bridges are functionally and cosmetically ideal when a dental implant is not the choice for tooth replacement. Porcelain is an extraordinary material that can replace the look and function of original teeth. A porcelain bridge can provide the longevity, function and cosmetic result you are looking for.


What does it mean to you to have the whitest and brightest smile? Are you comfortable to flash that smile or do you fine your teeth yellow, discoloured or stained? Who should get teeth whitening? Here at Corlazzoli Dental and Facial Esthetics, we feel every adult who wants a fresh and younger looking smile is a candidate for Tooth Whitening. Professional teeth whitening is the best method for permanently removing deep stains and whitening your teeth to the level that you would like.


There are many methods for professional tooth whitening. By using a light activated bleaching agent that is placed directly on your teeth in office, you are able to receive an optimum result. At Corlazzoli Dental and Facial Esthetics , we use ZOOM!! ® WhiteSpeed as this is the only in-office system that has variable intensity setting so each treatment can be customized to maximize patient comfort. The system also includes desensitizers to help minimize sensitivity and protect your enamel. This dentist-supervised, in-office procedure is safe, effective and clinically proven to whiten up to eight shades—for a brighter, whiter smile in just one office visit. 


If you have the opportunity to create a younger fresher look for your smile, why not give your skin the same treatment? At Corlazzoli Dental and Facial Esthetics our goal is to create an overall enhanced cosmetic experience and BOTOX® can be a part of that for you. Botox is the most popular, non-surgical cosmetic treatment in North America. It can minimize or even eliminate wrinkles and lines around the eyes, forehead and upper lip. The appointments are short and can be combined with treatment you are already scheduled for. Your results are a fresher, younger look that lasts 3-4 months with a longer duration expectancy with more frequent treatment.


Our smile is a valuable commodity, and most of us feel beautiful straight teeth are very important both socially and professionally. Unfortunately, we all do not come with a straight and even smile naturally so If you are looking for a straighter, more aligned look, Dr. Corlazzoli can provide quality orthodontic treatment with Clearline Aligners. If you do not need conventional orthodontics and have minor deviations to correct such as a protruding tooth, a small twist or gap in your teeth or just minor alignment adjustments, you may be the perfect candidate. These polymer trays are custom fabricated just for you, to gently advance the involved teeth into their optimum position, leaving you with a wonderful, straight smile in a fraction of the time or cost of traditional orthodontics. 

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